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I’d like to thank the academy..

The Stylish Blogger Award!
The Stylish Blogger Award!

1.Supposed to link back to who nominated you.
2.List seven things we might not know about you.
3.Share the “love” and pay it forward by naming six other blogs you enjoy.
I’d like to thank the academy for nominated, and selecting me, as the winner of the Stylish Blogger Award. It’d like to thank my mother for giving me a fucked up childhood, thus allowing me all the trials and tribulations in my life that led me to blogging.

In all seriousness, however, I am filled with much gratitude that my blog has reached the eyes and hearts of readers. It all started as a way to crawl out of depression… It’s blossomed into much more. It’s morphed into a website: Im Thankful For I see so much expansion with this train of thought, I hope it continues to grow.

Seven random things about myself, that you may not know. (this will be hard because I’m a pretty open book..)

  • I have a tendency of still sucking my thumb when I sleep.
  • I don’t wear makeup, “do” my hair, or wear a bra. I think they’re all traps created by men and society to make women fit a mold they’ve created for us. I despise fashion magazines for the very reason.
  • I have had both male and female relationships. I tend to lean towards women more.
  • My son was 13 days over due, and even after induction drugs, wouldn’t come out.
  • I’ve met and hung out with Violent Femmes, Flogging Molly, Zeke, and Real McKenzie’s; all by fluke not by being a stalkerish fan.
  • I am absolutely terrified of children; so much in fact I can’t relate to my “inner child.”
  • I can’t clean, cook, sew, or do any of those domesticated things. I get too anxious and impatient

These are the blogs I am bequeathing the blogger award to (in no particular order of importance, love them all the same! I haunt them daily) Amháin – Brea. I stumbled on her blog a while back. I haunted it for a long while before commenting. I am glad I finally did. She’s witty, genius, and she’s human. She writes the rawness of her life, good and bad. I was immediately pulled in and I’ve sat comfortably since. Deux – Jacyln Rae’s blog: Polkadot Teapot – She too I stumbled upon reading “tags.” What more can a reader ask for? Faith, Love, Life, and everything in between. What I love most about her blogs is the ability to pull my heart strings. I love the warmth a lot of her blogs cause inside of me. Check her out, she’s fantastical. Tres – Fat World Skinny – Being a big girl myself, she showed up on my “recommended” at the bottom of one of my blogs. I thought, “Fat World huh?”. . Ready to pounce on someone posting an anti-fat blog. I was pleasantly surprised. I relate to a lot of her weighty plights, food crimes, and guilt. She’s a “guilty pleasure” (pun intended) Apat – Lego 365 – Lego My Photo. One day I was surfing the blogs, again, for photography based blogs. I’m an amateur photographer and enjoy others creativity. If you haven’t seen his work, totally check him out. He’s phenomenal, funny, creative. (makes me kinda jealous I didn’t think of that first). Cinq – Coffeehouse Observer – Quick daily quibs about his days being unemployed, searching for work and sitting in a coffeehouse. As many of us can relate, being unemployed is havoc on a person. I love his candor, observations and humorous approach. Zes – I Will Lift You Up – THIS BLOG ROCKS! There is no way around it. You want a simple daily pick me up? Go and subscribe. Anonymous blog author decided there’s enough crap in this world, we’re negative enough about our selves as it is… and created this site. Again, I stumbled onto her by accident. She definitely needs more readers, more people to get inspired by her wisdom and kindness.

sist men ikke minst (last but not least) The EEDEEOAT!! I have come to absolutely adore this blog, his harem and his humor. It takes a comical look at some painful serious things in his life. If anything, it’s allowed me to admire the ability to write in a comical tone.

2 thoughts on “I’d like to thank the academy..

  1. Thank you for the kind words you non-cooking, wild-haired braless wonder woman! ha ha I look forward to your blog each day as well…..and I think the folks at Facebook need to bestow some kind of award on you….because…as your FB friends can all attest to….Regan likes to post about 1,233 updates per day on the site! That has to be worthy of some kind of recognition!! 🙂 Have a great day Regan! 🙂


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