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Laid off.



Laid off this morning due to financial hardships. No, it was no reflection of me. No, it wasn’t a “you’re fired” scenario. Laid off, again, due to financial hardships. I knew it was coming, and anyone who follows knows it too. When a company can’t pay their employees, or bills, then it’s just pending when lay off(s) will happen.

I am starting to feel like I’m a curse to hire. Every place I get hired onto goes out of business, or goes into financial fail. My track record thus far:
NW Delivery – Laid off, Financial Hardships
Alco Electric – Laid off, Financial Hardships
Renton Lutheran Church – Laid off, company closure
Providence Medical Center (Cancer Care Center) – Laid off, company buy out / position eliminated
Providence Medical Center (Comprehensive Breast Center) – Laid off, company buy out / position eliminated

The positives of being laid off:
Time to work on my novel.
Even more time to game.     (bwahha)
Time to contemplate going back into college; refresher course.
Time to organize my house how I want it.
More time to walk the dogs

Addendum; more to be thrilled about:
Sleeping in
Staying up as late as I want
Snuggles with the Puggles


9 thoughts on “Laid off.

  1. sucks to hear it’s happened again…I hated the feeling of getting laid off, BUT it sounds like the only downside is the loss of income! Something much better WILL come your way…


  2. Sorry about getting laid off, still have my fingers and toes crossed that the new company comes calling before this weekend…. Hang in there! 🙂


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