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I Carry Your Heart – Tres

Part One: I Carry Your Heart
Part Two: I Carry Your Heart

I Love You

She was laying in bed that evening recapping the days events with her best friend. Both her body and her mind drifted back to the dreams she’s been having. There was a longing in her heart, this new healthy beating heart. She’s be come more aware of things she’s never noticed before. A couple walking hand in hand. Gentle displays of public affection. Stolen observations of intimate moments between two people. Her new heart has brought to life a part of her she’s been lacking, and they all come down to this man in her dreams. Thinking about “love” she drifted into sleep.

Again, she finds herself with this man near Lake Washington. However, the scene has changed. This time she’s an observer, watching the couple on the bench. She is looking straight out over the water, and he is purposing to her; just as her dreams have shown her before. Olive watched as the woman didn’t respond. As an outside watcher, Olivia was captivated by how beautiful they were as a couple. This woman was a direct contrast to his beautiful dark complexion; dark hair, olive skin tone. She was pale in comparison, traditional Seattle skin tone. She had wildly curly hair that fell to her shoulders. It was as red as flame on this chilly Autumn day. Her eyes were emerald with flecks of spun gold. The two paired together look like ying and yang. Olivia took note that he was holding the woman’s hand, just as he was hers in her previous dreams.

““Don’t take too long, Rebekah. Answer me quick, or you might lose me. . . Marry Me.” He whispered, to himself it seemed. Olivia noticed that “Rebekah” didn’t answer, just as she had. The man leaned over towards the woman, Olivia blushed feeling as the odd man out. She didn’t want to be witness to a private moment. But, curiosity won, and she peeked back over towards the couple on the bench. He leaned, but not to kiss. He leaned to get her attention. He pulled his hand from hers, and gently used his fingers to guide her head to face his. As they were face to face, and she was finally aware of him talking to her, he asked her again.

But this time, it was with his hands. He signed “Marry Me” to the woman on the bench.

The woman started to cry, violently shaking her head, and started signing in rapid response. She jumped up from the bench and he reached out for her hands.

Deeply moved by what she watched, Olivia woke with a deeper yearning to go back to sleep and dream more.

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