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MeMetastic Award

Memetastic Award

My friend Brea’s Air named me as one of the winners for the Memetastic Award!

But, of course, as with all things memetastic, there are a few rules to the game, so here we go:
I have to display the award. (Pictured above)
I have to reveal five things about myself with four of these things being bold-faced lies. You get to try to figure out which one is real.
And lastly, I get to select five blog friends to pass this award on to.

1.  I’m secretly a man.

2.  I used to volunteer for psychic challenges.

3.  I have seen bigfoot.

4.  I have spent time in a deprivation tank.

5.  I got trapped in an igloo at the age of five.

Now, to those I think deserve the award:

A. Polka Dotted Teapot – She lets me know that it’s ok to like pink, be girly, have emotions and be happy all in one.
B.  Belle’s Carnival -I love reading her blog. ’nuff said
C. Our Beautiful Imperfections
D. Feeling Ducky

3 thoughts on “MeMetastic Award

  1. Congrats! I would bet that the true statement is that you have seen Bigfoot! You live in the NW for Gods sake…they got Bigfoot’s running around like stray dogs up there!


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