Merlot Kisses (Adult Themed)

Warning – Sexual Scenes & Lesbianism
This Story is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

Merlot Kisses

We met in a wine lounge that featured smooth local jazz bands. It was low lit by candles, creating a warm, seductive, atmosphere. I noticed her as soon as I walked in. She was sitting at the corner table, soft candle burning in a red holder; she had her drink in one hand and she was lucidly playing with the flame of the candle with her other hand.

I walked up to the bar and ordered a glass of Chateau St. Michelle’s Johannesburg Riesling. I looked over my shoulder at her, and caught her glancing my way; a chill went down my spine and I shivered. Our eyes caught briefly and she looked away quickly. I asked the bar tender to make whatever she’s was drinking, and he handed me a glass of some brand of Merlot.

I walked over to her table, set the glass down in front of her, and asked if I could join her. She blushed, but agreed, and our eyes met again. She was magnificent. She had dark chestnut hair hung soft over her shoulders; swept bangs all framed her square freckled face. Her beautiful blue eyes were hidden behind a pair of black rimmed, vintage, eye glasses. Every so often I would catch her subconsciously play with the corner of the frames. She wore a low cut deep maroon braided silky tank top; hanging over the back of her chair was a simple black cardigan. I could barely catch her legs under the café table, simply covered in a pencil cut skirt and black maryjanes. Her skin was pale, her arms were slender, and her fingers were long holding the large bowl of the wine glass.

I pulled out the accompanying chair, put my purse over the back, and seated myself directly across from her. Yet again she blushed, and I found my heart beating with each reddening cheek; tug of the corner of her eye glasses. She leaned in towards me, cupped both of her hands around the wine glass, and spoke forwardly, “I am not one for formalities, just tell me about you.”

There we sat. There we stared at each other, taking in the aura around us both. And there we began talking over wine. We continued this verbal dance across the table just shy of closing time. She tossed back the last glass of Merlot, and smiled. I noticed that by this point the wine had flushed her skin a beautiful rosy hue. She leaned in like she was going to whisper something in my ear, and kissed the back bottom of my jaw by my ear softly. Then she whispered in my ear “So, are you going to take me home yet?” After such a seductive way of asking, who could refuse such beauty?

We ended up back at my house. I opened another bottle of wine, a dark Merlot. As I got the wine and glasses, she had lit the candles I had around my house. We didn’t get a chance to settle in, drink some wine. She met me mid way between my living room and dining room. She got really close, body to body heating, but not touching, each other. She brushed the hair from my face, put her soft hand on my neckline, leaned in and kissed me. It sent an electrical shock through me, weakening my knees. I almost dropped the bottle and glasses. As if preempting weak knees she took her hand, slid it from my neckline, down my shoulder, my arm and gently grabbed the bottle from my hand. With her other hand she slid the glasses out of my hand. She whispered, “Guide me to your bedroom.”

I led her to the bedroom, and when we got there, she put the wine and glasses on my bedside table. I had this huge bed, with dark red, crushed silk styled comforter. I had a lot of red and black pillows. So she was like kissing my neck, down the front of my jaw, down my neck and in the hollow in the front of your neck. I dropped my head back and slowly sat on the bed. I put my arms around her waist, pulled her in a little, and began to slide her shirt up over her stomach. She trembled, moaned a little, and joined me on the bed.

We’re lying there, slowly undressing each other, kissing. I’m taking in the taste of the red wine she was drinking on her tongue, mingled with her lip gloss. I can smell the faint scent of perfume she put on in the early morning before work. I glide the strap of her bra off her shoulder, and begin to kiss the crook of her arm above her breast. I notice her pale skin goose flesh all over, and I grin knowing that I am creating this excitement for her.

She puts her hand under my chin and guides me back up to her mouth. We both began to trace each others body with our hands. I love how the soft padding of her hand and skin feel against the soft plumpness of my body. Her fingers are long and delicate, and turn me on more than any rough, well worked, male hands ever had. I feel my body heat up, tingle and ache as I get more and more turned on.

My own hand escapes in the feeling of her skin. The duality if touch and touching is almost too much excitation, we both become almost ravenous as our kissing becomes more gruff and eager. I slide my hand down the front of her belly, and find she is just as hot as I am. I run my fingers through her hair and she lifts her hips to tell me she’s ready. I tease her, and toy with her, telling her I’m not quite ready to please her yet. She’s so into it she forgot her hand was tracing my hips. She almost became flustered and not sure what to do with her hands.

She moans, in a begging manner, and pushes her hips up and my fingers into her. I slowly being to slide in and out, taking in the moisture, she feels good, and she tightens around my fingers. I can tell she’s close; she’s riding the motion with my hand. I start to kiss her breasts, taking in her erect nipples and playing with them with my tongue. She begins to pant, and grabs the pillow above her head.

I move down her stomach, with my fingers still in her, and kiss down her belly. I kiss the indent by the hip bone and she moans. I kiss down the side of her inner hip and meet my tongue with my fingers. She takes sweet, sticky, and divine. I get wetter and writhe a little; eager to have a return in the pleasure. I lick her, sliding my tongue over her clit, and pushed my fingers in deeper. She bucked, moaned and grabbed the pillows. I could feel her cum in my mouth, her body heat raised and a flood of juice engulfed my tongue. It was the most exquisite thing. I fingered her until she was finished, and I knew she was with the sigh and cool that came over her body.

She said, “I need a glass of wine after that, and sexy, then it’s your turn… where are your toys?”

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