Obey. Me. Now.

This is my pug Izzy (Izzabella Pugalini to be exact). I love her to pieces. I think she’s as psychic as I am. She *knows* something is up… she KNOWS that I am heading back to work next week. She gets moody, pissy and ignores me. She actually chews me out if I run an errand, then proceeds to ignore me further. I like how she thinks she can cuddle into, and sleep upon, my purse in attempts to prevent me from leaving.

Hostage Undertaking #1

Now she has an accomplice. This is Tank. Today proceeded as normal. Izzy puttered around, moany and craggy… sleeping on my purse. The moment she had to take a break, jump down and get water… her dirty little sidekick jumped up and took over:

Hostage Undertaking #2

Nothing was negotiable… nothing at all.

I negotiated treats.. no go.
I negotiated a nice play time outside….. nope, you’re kidding right?
Falsified promises of exoneration under the conditions of a car ride… with mom…. hell no. Nothing was convincing them to give up my goods.

4 thoughts on “Obey. Me. Now.

  1. Very ingenious and adorable little bundles of love you have there! Holdin ur purse hostage is epic! I have 3 dogs and after tonite I’m ready to become a cat person, as they have broke a planter on the back patio, dragged mudd into the house after digging a hole that could fit a casket in the backyard, and peeing in the hallway…oh, and chewing a shoe. So, atleast yours are laid back and non hostile! lol…what we do for our fur babies! I couldn’t live without mine…but there are moments when I think hmmm, how easy it would be without all this extra work and frustration…but then they do something adorable and I’m won over again! lol Great pics!


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