Dream – Have fun dissecting this for me

I was in a two story, older home, but it was like the condo. Our house was haunted. Vinnie was in the bathroom in our bedroom discussing something with me, his back was to the mirror, face was towards me. I noticed his reflection in the mirror turned and looked at me as well. I freaked out, told him to turn and look. He did and it was another person in the mirror. He pointed at me and I came forward. He was a native american man, with long hair with crown back in braids and feathers. He had a black and white paint under each eye. He had a raven and eagle feather, beaded with black, green and white beads in his hair. His upper arms had a black and green paint stripe. He followed us outside, and was whispering to my soul.

On the horizon in the distance a great fire was a blaze, burning everything in a perfect alignment with the horizon shape. The native told me I should go into the house, that my heart was in danger. I told him things were fine and ventured back outside. When I did, an explosion happened. Debris flew everywhere, causing a secondary explosion. A piece of a nearby house blew off and sprayed our yard with more debris. I ended up being in the line of flight and a steel beam went through my heart.

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