Me defined..

Here are some random facts about me.
* I don’t shave, if God didn’t want the hair on me…he wouldn’t have put it there.
* I don’t wear a bra, its a man made contraption to define how women should look in their eyes. We could really look at tribes across the world on their freedom.
* I don’t wear makeup. This isn’t because of some radical belief, its because I wasn’t taught. This… I would like to change.
* I scratch my scalp, endlessly. It’s because it is comforting. However, people tend to stare at me like I have lice. I used to suck my thumb… well into my late twenties.

4 thoughts on “Me defined..

  1. Thanks for openening yourself up to us! Very cool! I despise bras. But I do wear em, cuz at 44, after breastfeeding 2….the ole saggy sox need some help…heheh. I wear make up on occassion…chapstick always. I too tend to scratch my scalp…and do not have any bugs or diseases to cause it…just habit. I wet the bed til I was 10. I hate food on a stick. I’m terrified of dentists. I’m a germaphobe. I talk to myself and to my dogs, endlessly. I’m scared of the dark. So, theres a few random things bout me too! Cool idea!


  2. LMAO, somehow I think it’s official that we are polar opposites and yet totally compatable. Just think of all the money I could save not shaving, wearing push-up bras, and smearing on my war paint. Lol.


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