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Anti-Terrorist or not?

Be Humbled

One of the best quotes I’ve seen circling the internet regarding Osama Bin Laden’s death:

“‘Revenge, aggression and retaliation’. That is what we are doing, seeking revenge, rather than justice, using aggression rather than diplomacy and seeking retaliation for acts that were themselves retaliation for other acts of aggression, and continuing the cycle of violence.”  ~ sabrina 1

“We have bankrupted our country, killed untold thousands (millions?) of people in the name of hunting-down one man. Well, allegedly this is why we are embroiled in two out of three wars in the Middle East.Mock Paper Scissors

I am really upset and humiliated for our nation by those who opt to cheer in the streets over the death of a person. We should humble ourselves and seek celebration internally; if you must celebrate at all. What have we become as a Nation? I see a bunch of ignorant savages.

By all means I am not undermining our soldiers and the work they’re doing, but … what are they doing? I watch as friend’s of mine watch their loved ones go on deployment to fight a ‘war’ that’s been long over. Unfortunately, our president (and the one prior) were too proud to relent and let go. I too understand the pain that happened in 9/11, I get it. I have compassion for the families, friends, and those directly effected. But are we playing on a level field now? People like to throw back in my face the death toll that took place on 9/11, how easy it is that they can forget the death toll over the last ten years by being a presence in the Middle East.  One does not out weight the other, but enough is enough. Why are Americans so content on seeing red?

What happened to compassion and humility?  What happened to mourning and being humble? I am really angry and disgusted with my fellow man. I am disappointed by their actions, and not just those revolving around Osama Bin Laden’s death. It all is so overwhelming to me. I don’t understand how people cannot see the repercussion pending from their behavior.

As a “leading” nation, we should be acting through example not retaliation and vengeance. I’m not ignorant or blinded, I know that Peace is a dream we should all try to obtain. I also know that it’s important to protect ourselves, just look at the news lately. But, rejoicing and partying in the streets like you just one the super bowl is a target on our nation for further events. This cycle has to end.

The quote I want to leave you with, the one that resonates the most with me,
“In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.” Dalai Lama

We, as of late, are no different than the terrorists that attacked us. Think about that.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Terrorist or not?

  1. I agree, “…even in death Bin Laden wins.”

    I like your comment on Mock Paper Scissors, “Look at what we’ve allowed ourselves to become ……. …..the terrorists “won” a long time ago.”

    Mock’s is more poignantly written, but yes the sentiment is the same.


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