Giddy as hell.



Things start looking up, they really do. It’s just imperative to put it out there into the Universe, and keep focusing on the positivity. I could bombard my blog with a lot of mundane cliche’s, but alas, I won’t. I will just speak from a open heart chakra place. Being completely stressed in my living situation, I was almost ready to give up. Things have been really tense in the house, as much as both of us have tried to keep a mellow and amicable presence, the tension is still there. It’s not my fault, it’s not his fault… it just is. It’s expected with a separation leading into a divorce. We both have tried to keep a pleasant atmosphere, mainly because of our son. It’s hard on us, sure, but for a kid his whole world is being broken apart, foundation shattering… he has to be totally torn up. So with that said, my sister, brother in law, and myself were approved for a three bedroom together. We’re moving this weekend.

It’s a three bedroom duplex across from a park, library etc. The biggest thing I am looking forward to is finally feeling like I am starting this new path in life. I have put it out there, I have asked the Universe for guidance and I am just going to roll with it. My fates know my path ahead of me, and I want to venture it with open heart, soul and mind. My life is going to be open from that point forward. I can’t help but feel giddy as hell.

One thought on “Giddy as hell.

  1. Oh, my sistah, I am SO HAPPY for you! I know the feeling well, and all I can say is Hang On. It DOES get better. I’m glad things are finally starting to look up.


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