.psychic log.

Two Dreams, One Stone

Dream One: Dark Woods Rapist

I was standing on a hillside in a clearing of woods. Down the hill, about a half mile, is a road that meets another road creating a T junction. At the corner was a farm and house, with a vegetable stand selling seasonal veggies. I was in the body of a man, and he was sinister. He was watching his prey. I was in some kind of trance while I was working through his body and thoughts. He was a serial killer and rapist. He was watching for victims who stopped at the roadside stand. I came out of the trance and journaled the entry into a book. 1-17- ____. I can only remember the date which I wrote it down. I also sketched the house, stand, T junction.

Fast forward to 6-3-____, I was on a picnic trip with a small group of friends. We were driving down this busy country road and came to a roadside fruit / veggie stand. We pulled over to check out the apricots, and I started having de ja vu. I looked behind me and seen the hill side, and start of the woods. I started walking over to the hillside, climbed it and stood in the very spot I was in my dream. I had this sick feeling come over me, as I realized he wasn’t looking at customers, but the young girl that lived/worked on the farm. I whistled down to my friends, and two of them came up to the hillside too. I pulled my journal out of my bag and flipped it open to the date. I showed them the sketch, and journal entry.

We started to explore further back into the woods and seen that there was this lean to, makeshift, living area.

I woke up.


Dream Two:
,…. damn I can’t remember it now.

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