Reganville: Population 1.. sometimes.

I have a lot to write out, but I can’t seem to compose it. I am really lonely. I mean, really lonely. I feel really unlovable.

This is just where I’m at.

5 thoughts on “Reganville: Population 1.. sometimes.

    1. Man, I’m having a real rough go of it today. I cried from the moment I awoke, all the way to work, and sat in the parking garage crying for what seemed like eternity.

      I grew up in a very unloving and unaffectionate household. We didn’t hug, touch, comfort or hold one another. It’s no surprise I ended up marrying a man who was the exact same way.

      I have to ask myself, however, why am I so unlovable? I mean… What is wrong with me that I can’t get affection, get held, be held onto, hugged, … I really, REALLY need a cuddle buddy, as dumb as that sounds. My skin craves attention.


  1. Hi Regan,

    unloved and lonely are both hard things.
    You ARE loved, whether you are touched or not.
    (But i know – I COMPLETELY KNOW – that skin-craving-attention thing)
    it’ll happen.
    i read your blog all the time, but i don’t comment much.
    give yourself hugs. start hugging your sister, and anyone else in your day.
    it can feel so awkward, but it helps anyway.


  2. A huge hug to you Regan. I know it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, but there is a whole world of people who love and support you….. I sending you a huge smothering cyber hug! 🙂


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