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Tourist, Travelers and Friends

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In a recent post, Reganville: Population 1, I discussed feeling really alone. I have branched out some. I joined a board game group, and have gone a couple times now. I actually look forward to it each Saturday now. I’ve met a couple people that are in the same age group as I am, and enjoy some of the same music/games/things I do. I enjoy it. It’s so so so much better than sitting at home festering over how horrible my life is.

I’ve taken that initiative and joined a few meet ups too. I haven’t gone to any of them yet, as their get togethers haven’t been up my alley of interesting things. I am also contemplating actually starting that belly dance troupe that I’ve been eyeballing for easily 8 years now.

Things are going better. I am working on being a bit more social, and that has lifted my mood a lot. I have noticed that dating is a lot like tourists. You have these potential travelers that come in, and out, of your life. Some stay, check out the site, inquire about the points of interest, and really look at trying to see the worth in me. I do my best to show all sides of me, but sometimes they don’t stay for long.  It’s those that make an impression, and are worth keeping that has become hard for me to decipher. I appreciate each one, so far, that has come into my life. Each has left me with something they have taught me about myself I need to focus on or work on. I am legitimately grateful for this, but it still stings in the process.

I have also  lost 41 lbs.

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