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Spirit Guide

I dreamt that I was at a hospital, in the emergency room. The hospital was made out of logs, pale wooden logs.. like a log cabin but in a really large scale. The ER had a nice big water feature outside of the doors made of river rock and cycling water. It was surrounded by big beautiful windows that looked out over a beautiful forest of pine trees and hills. I was sitting and waiting to be called when a yak meandered up to the water  fountain feature. A person left the hospital, opening the sliding doors and the yak meandered in.

I jumped up to say something to the receptionist when I noticed a pure white kodiak bear, with a yak carcass on her back. I slowly walked to the windows, and put my hand on one. She walked up to the window I was at and dropped the yak as an offering. She stared at me, I stared at her. People in the ER were freaking out, and a kid was antagonizing the bear. She growled, pawed at the window and then started to get sick. She puked, and then turned to walk off back into the woods. Half way through the parking lot she turned, looked at me again. She collapsed, and I collapsed at the same time. She passed away, and I cried as I watched her spirit leave. I heard drumming, native drumming, and singing that called her spirit back to the great spirit.

Anyone to interpret?

Some things I looked up:

“… in some tribes, the white spirit bear stands for harmony and peace.”

“… The Indian Bear Dance was considered the Ghost Dance, bringing back the ghosts of their ancestors while helping the grizzly bear fall asleep for its winter hibernation. Ancestors join in the dance in their spirit form while the bears are lulled to sleep. After the dance is complete, another Dance is celebrated, called the Circle of Life Dance. This dance will be held around a burning log fire until the fire burns out. The Native Indians will dance, sing and chant for warmth and light from the sun during the time the grizzly sleeps.”

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