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There’s a thief amongst us…

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I have three jewelry boxes. One is just like a big junk drawer; I put everything in it (batteries, scissors, etc). One is a hand me down from my grandmother, and one is smaller that I use for more personal and expensive stuff. It’s a smaller box that can be easily hidden. I had it on my bookshelf in my bedroom, kind of like a book end.

Since I”m gearing up to move this weekend, I started packing last night. As I was packing, I started checking everything in my jewelry boxes, and discovered my mother’s wedding ring/engangement bands were missing.

The ring set was an expensive set, lots of diamonds set in yellow gold. Way too flashy for my tastes, but my mother gave them to me to possibly pass down to my son. They were there when I moved in. I NEVER go into that box. Now they’re gone. I’m really pissed. I think my fucking roommate stole them. I now have to tell my mother that her ring set is missing.

I don’t even know how to confront him. And even if I did, no telling if I’ll ever see them again.

7 thoughts on “There’s a thief amongst us…

  1. i would call the police the day before or the day you leave, is the box something only you put your hands on? can it be finger printed? i would wait til a police officer is there to confront your roommate, what about the roomies boyfriend? good luck chica


  2. I agree…Confront him…but with at least a couple friends with you…preferrably male friends….. that totally sucks that he would do that.. 😦


  3. OMG, Regan! That is so awful! I’d do what everyone else said…file a police report. It will probably end up in a pawn shop or jewelry shop. I’m so sorry, honey. 😦 Whoever took it will have some pretty sucky karma.


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