Autumn Spice – 1st installment

“It’s that time of year again.” she thinks to herself. “Weather turns colder, and couples snuggle in closer to one another. It’s just one more year for me to be alone.” The mere thought of going through another holiday season alone quickly turns her mood sour. She bundles her hoodie around her, stuffs her hands into her pockets and kicks the fallen leaves at her feet as she walks towards her bus stop. The air is crisp, and she can see her breathe with every exhale. Up ahead she caught a glimpse of her bus rounding the corner, she quickenes her pace crossing the street to meet the bus just in time.

He stands at his window, cup of chai tea in hand, watching this curmudgeon woman catch her bus; just as he does every morning. There is something attractive about her blustery mood that deepens each day the air is crisper and cooler. Each morning he creates a new story surrounding her, each morning he details a the reasons why she is so dark and moody. Of all the stories he creates for her, he is sure the one about loneliness and love fits her the most. He shakes his head, and says to himself, “I will change that.”


2 thoughts on “Autumn Spice – 1st installment

  1. This isn’t one of those fictional stories you write that turns into a graphic sex novel is it? I’m secretly hoping so….just in case…. 🙂


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