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DONT piss me off, YOU WILL get the horns.

The hardest decisions in my life to make, so far, have been around my son.

A. Leaving him for a year when he was a toddler so I could go to job corps and get some kind of education after his father and I broke up.

B. Dating someone, and actually introducing them to my son.

C. Dating someone seriously, moving in with them, because of my son.

D. Getting married, I asked my son for permission to marry my ex.

E. Leaving my ex, and accepting my son’s choice to stay with him because he needs a “dad” (as he said to me.)

F. Watching my ex starting to date again, and slowly pushing my son aside. The very kid who begged to stay with him.

I feel like my feelings aren’t being regarded, even though it’s a protective mama bear feeling. My ex actually said to me, “…You shouldn’t go off on me unless you have the whole story…” Well, neither of them are giving me the whole story… my son is 15, it’s amazing he even comes to me with problems as it is. My ex is the “adult” he needs to be more receptive and communicative with me in regards to what’s going on in my son’s life.

I’m stuck between anger and depression right now.

One thought on “DONT piss me off, YOU WILL get the horns.

  1. I think your ‘Ex’ needs a swift kick in the balls!
    Ii came by you post out of filtering someone liking a post on my blog, if you get my drift. A couple of years ago I tracked my father down after he walked out on me and my mother and sister over 23 years ago, and after all this time, all he could enlighten me with was’ I lost everything too’ !
    Needless to say, I thought, ‘What a boring letdown’! In a nutshell, you have every right to feel pissed with your ‘Ex’, just stand your ground, love your son, and try hard not to sink, it will come good…. Sorry if that’s waffle at this time of night!


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