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Joining Forces ( A World with Love and Gratitude)

What all started with a video sent to me yesterday, with only 204 views, has turned into a phenomenal movement. It’s a silent movement, however, it’s caught the eyes of many.. including George Takei. Excuse the pending F* bomb, but


The original video features and bullied and tortured young teen named Jonah Mowry. Watch it, warning have kleenex. I don’t care your gender, or sexual orientation, have kleenex.

I was sent this video by a friend. As stated, it had 204 views at that time. In a period of two hours it jumped to the thousands, a few later, hundred thousands. All this kid wanted to do was get something off his chest. What ended up doing was starting a silent movement without realizing it. Briefly, Jonah posted a “thank you” message, but has sense taken it down. I wish he had kept it up. However, it has reached many.. and many have responded.

There are powers in numbers, there really is. This is far more moving than the Occupy Movement, to me right now anyways.
I am pissed that the media hasn’t covered this, as it’s SUCH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO SEND TO BULLIED TEENS. I was bullied, profusely. I was called “dyke” and made fun of… why… because I was in JROTC, I hung out with an openly gay male, and I had a girlfriend my senior year. Was I a “dyke”? No, but I dated both boys and girls. I was tormented, called names, “Fat” “Lard Ass” and more. I survived, I grew up… some of them didn’t. I was locked in my locker, I was duct taped down in the cafeteria. . . But, I’m here and I am raising a son to be better than the bullies.

We live in a world where hatred and harming others is the social norm. We also live in a world where suicide is a norm as well. I think this touches home for me for a multitude of reasons, which is why I am blogging this. Maybe in a sense it is jumping on a bandwagon, but, if it touches my soul and fills me with gratitude, I will blog about it. I mean, after all, my blog is about Gratitude.

First reason it touches me, I have a 15 year old son. My son is amazing, and he doesn’t even realize the magnitude of how amazing he is. As a parent, I can only continue to tell him repeatedly, show him unconditionally, and teach him to spread that love he has around.. but mostly… spread it to himself. Do you know how fucking proud of my kid I am? …. well let’s just say.. he’s been around individuals who have had gender reassignment surgery, and he’s like, “who cares, they’re still cool.” The biggest struggle he’s had.. is what to say “he or she”… and you know what, that’s ok. He’s aware, and he’s accepting… I love him for that.  This is what I posted on facebook for him:

I just want to say how damn proud of my son I am, ***** edited ****
After that video of Jonah has gone viral, I reflected on my son.

He’s been bullied, but not much, but enough to make him understand the pressure and hatred in school. He’s been able to handle it. But, he has also come to both my ex and I to talk about it.

The biggest thing I am proud of him for, is the fact that he’s a big kid and he stands up for the underdog. He could easily use his size to bully others, but he doesn’t.

He’s always brought home friends who were bullied, picked on, odd, etc. He stands up for them. He’s gotten into fights at school PROTECTING the ones being bullied. I am grateful for the compassion he has in his heart, and his ability to stand up for what he thinks is wrong.

Second reason this video touched me, is because I had a best friend who committed suicide. I have, to this day at 35 years old, NEVER gotten over the fact that he did. Whatever his reasons were, he cut a deep hole in my soul that will never be able to be filled. If I had one wish, one wish in this world, it would be for ALL parents to stand up for their kid; no matter gender issues, sexual orientation, religious differences, political differences… stand up for your child! YOU ARE THEIR BIGGEST FAN, THEIR BIGGEST WARRIOR, THEIR BIGGEST ROCK… ACT LIKE IT. We don’t need our youth killing themselves because they can’t come to you and confess their fears.

Third reason this video has touched me so, I have many friends that are gay, lesbian, bi, trans-gendered. . . and so on. I have been witness to the hate first hand, and it’s cruel. I have been there for my best friend in jr. / high school while he was tormented, treated poorly.. and the teachers did NOTHING about it. I was witness to him being told, “Well, if you’re going to act strange and put yourself out there as different, expect to be treated as such.” REALLY? WHAT THE FUCK. We should never enable a discrimination, ever!

Final reason this video touched me, is the cutting. Not only is this young man saying he’s a cutter, but many of his video responses all admit to cutting as well. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS? We really need to help our youth. I don’t know the psychology behind it, only what’s shown to us via media, but I will say… just as there are many MANY resources for suicide prevention, we need to have just as many for self harm. Self harm is one step away from suicide. There is a correlating link that needs to be viewed and addressed. We are losing our youth to bullies. We are losing our youth to hate, mainly, self hate.

Thank you to everyone who has made me cry and weep like a baby over the last 24 hours. When something like the outreach and outcry touches my soul in the manner that it has, it needs to be spread like wild fire.

Jonah, You’re Loved! You have a million and more reasons to be here. You are a brave and beautiful soul who is starting a phenomenal silent movement. I tip my hat to you, young man.

Teenagers, adults, friends, family, and strangers. REACH OUT, please. Spread the love. Don’t sit back and watch these videos, feel the stirring in your heart and soul, and do nothing. If you know someone who is bullied, reach out. If you know someone who is doing the bullying, STOP THEM. If you know someone suicidal, help them. If you know someone who is a self harmer/cutter, please reach out to them.

Trevor Project  – The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.

IMAlive–  An Online Crisis Network

Do Something

Stop Bullying – provides information from various government agencies on how kids, teens, young adults, parents,educators and others in the community can prevent or stop bullying.

Thank you to those who have reached out to Jonah. He’s not alone.

One thought on “Joining Forces ( A World with Love and Gratitude)

  1. I, too, cried when watching that video. Thank you for sharing! I did not know the viewing increased that much. Sooo happy that you were part of spreading this very important message.


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