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Attention seeking?

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When you forgive yourself you let go of a part of yourself, the part that wants to keep you trapped inside a circle of blame, shame, guilt and fear. This part of you, which essentially is part of your ego, does not want you to be free of it because ego does not want to relinquish control. Free yourself from this viscous pattern of behavior for it has the ability to murder your spirit.
                                                                                                                                           – Self Forgiveness – Forgiving Releases Guilt, Shame and Fears.

A friend read my last blog, about suicide and survival. A blog entry that has encouragement, hope, compassion, expression and more in it… failed in those very aspects for him.

He hates himself. He gave up on himself long ago. He’s threatened suicide. He’s thought about it. He’s in therapy…and it’s failing him. Another friend of mine who is a phenomenal person, and a survivor of suicide, says, “If he really wants to kill himself, he will just do it. There won’t be a bunch of texts, messages, etc. complaining about their life. They will just decide to, and do.” Is this attention seeking from this other friend?  Is this his only method to have his ego stroked; negative attention received is still attention paid. My question is, how does a person convince another not to commit suicide?

How does one encourage life for someone who fantasizes about death?
How does one offer love to someone who cannot love themselves enough to carry on?
How do you convince someone to let go of their guilt and forgive themselves, even though the guilt they carry they shouldn’t be carrying?

How can I help, without carrying his burden on my shoulders as well and wearing down my inner strength?

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