Holiday Pressure..

Trying really hard to fight depression right now, and it seems to be winning. I can’t seem to win for losing. I am so overwhelmed, it’s weighing down. I also feel very alone. I am tired of being alone. I have my best friend living with me, ha. I can barely even talk to her about shit because she’s either too focused on her games on Facebook, or kind of zones out when I talk to her.

I can’t afford gifts for my son, hell I can’t afford toilet paper… or toothpaste.

I’ve got bill collectors calling and sending letters daily.

And all I can do is offer a smile that’s empty behind it.

To make matter worse, I received an email fro my therapist. I haven’t been to therapy since August; I can’t afford it and my soon to be ex husband cut me off of insurance. She asked me a question that weighed pretty heavy on me, “Are you getting the support you need in your life?”.

No, I have no support. Not the kind of support I really need right now. I am overwhelmed.

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