“Fat” …

Day 11  Vocabulary –  If you could eliminate one word from your brain forever—what would it be? (Author: Meadow DeVor)

If I could remove, annihilate, demolish, destroy, eliminate…. you get the idea… one word from my vocabulary… it would be the word Fat.

Fat is a horrible, vile, word that my mind consistently yells at me. My negative talk about my body is horrific. I would never talk to a friend that way, hell or even a stranger. But yet, I allow myself to say these things to myself over and over again. I would totally take on the internal war of words I have going on.

2 thoughts on ““Fat” …

  1. I struggled with the word for several years. I’ve reconciled it, that it doesn’t have to be a BAD word, it just is. I accepted that it was a description, and nothing more. It wasn’t a judgement, the word wasn’t judging me. *I* was judging me. It worked for me.

    I hear you about the negative body talk. It’s a process. I read a bit of Margaret Cho, and somewhere along the line after that I stopped beating myself up so much.


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