Odd plaguing dream


I keep having this dream, same dream for the most part. But last night, one aspect of the dream changed.

It is an abandoned house in Lacey, WA. (It’s not real, not that I can find anyways.. just where my mind keeps placing the house.) It’s beautiful, but totally abandoned. It’s fully furnished, but it’s like the family just got up and walked away. It sits on a slight hillside, with a long curvy dirt road that goes up to it. It’s white, and multiple leveled.

My son is usually in all the dreams with me, and we explore the house. We sneak in, and go through all the things that are left behind. Sometimes, there are squatters in the house. Sometimes it has more furniture. Sometimes we find journals and items of the family that lived there.

I dreamt of the house again last night. But the difference was, there was a family moving in. The family was there, wife was pregnant. They were tossing out the old furniture. I approached them asking them for any prewwII items, war propaganda, big bands, etc. I told them about the novel I was writing, and  how these items could help me finish the novel. He agreed.

They were a black family. All I can really remember is how stark white the house looked against their skin.

2 thoughts on “Odd plaguing dream

  1. This is what I know: a house in a dream symbolizes our bodies. The rooms, our minds. Going up stairs usually means seeking higher meaning, and learning things, going down stairs usually means digressing or looking into the past. I’m not entirely sure what different objects mean. If I remember right, roads are usually “life paths”, as I remember. It could also be an extension of your body, as well, maybe how you perceive the body/house? So when I read the dream, it was really interesting, thinking of that.


  2. I agree with Sharon. If I dream of a house I look at what is going on inside me. I’ve never had another family moving in but I would definitely say you are seeking changes in some area of your life. I love dreams. Nice post.


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