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Choices, Chances and Changes

Life was going no where for a while there. Job offers that weren’t following through on the actual “offer” they gave. Trying to find work in and around the Seattle area was suffocating me. So.. after contemplation, and discussion with family, I made a huge change; I moved to a town that’s incredibly small that sits approximately 4.5 hours away from where I was living originally. 

I am now in a small town, and slightly culture shocked; however, loving it all the while. One week here my mate had THREE interviews and landed TWO jobs. I have had one interview, and all my appendages are crossed. I am going back to college as well. I am shooting for the Fall quarter, but it looks as though it may be more around Winter quarter. The area of study I am *finally* going to pursue:
Journalism and Photo Journalism. I will do this, and become what my deepest dream is…. Published Author, Writer, Photographer, all encompassing. 

The only thing we are waiting on is approval for an apartment. After all is said and done, the courage to take the chance and make changes in our life has really proven to be beneficial. I am thankful and grateful for familial support and opportunities that seem to be popping up like God’s Beautiful wild flowers. It just takes a person to slow down, and observe these wild flower opportunities instead of blowing past them and weeding them down.

We have been praying together every night. His renewed view on faith, and my venture into it, has been the greatest blessing ever. We are seeking out a church in our small community.

Divine Guidance Oracle Cards:

At times I do feel like a shining star…(She writes as “you must be my lucky star” plays on repeat in her head). I do need to stop hindering myself, and let me be ENTIRELY what I am meant to be

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