Emerald City


I miss Seattle. I miss the Seattle people. I miss the skyline. I miss my friends who I could relate to. I miss people who listened to like music. People who played the same video games. I miss the pub I used to hang out at. I miss having friendly faces who knew me.

I’m really homesick. Sitting here, in my house, alone on a Friday night. I’m really homesick.

This town is just too small. There are too many “Good Ole Boys.” I don’t feel like I’m going to go anywhere, or accomplish anything.

I miss feeling ok with myself. I miss feeling beautiful. I miss feeling like I was something, anything. I miss having a supportive group of friends. I miss being creative.

I am tired of sacrificing myself so that someone else doesn’t freak out or have a tantrum. I am tired of being the only responsible one. I am tired of letting my dreams go, so he’s ok with himself.

I miss me.

I miss being happy.


One thought on “Emerald City

  1. Loving someone doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself so that someone else doesn’t freak out or have a tantrum. NO ONE should have to let go of their dreams so that someone else is okay. What kind of a relationship/friendship is that? (Not a real healthy one, I’d say.) Love is compromise. Friends help each other along the way and encourage one another. They stand beside each other, and take life as it comes…the good and the bad. They love one another…unconditionally. No one person is better than anyone else. EVERY life is valuable and has a purpose. I love you, Regan. ❤ XOXO


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