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Anti-Bullying Month

I just don’t see why we need one month to make “Anti-Bullying” movement. I think we need to make it a lifetime movement. If you give a kid one month to slam their senses with sound bytes, images, and stories of the anti-bullying message, come the next month it will be replaced by other sensory overloads. This is usually replaced with memes on facebook and the internet, video games, and peer pressure.

Think about this. According to UK Health Behaviore Research Centre, “…research found it took 66 days to form a habit.” October has 31 days, that’s half the amount of time needed to help form a positive, anti-bullying, stance in life. We, not only as parents but as mentors, need to be preaching an anti-bullying message from jump.

In the news over the last week, two important stories have hit the airwaves. First, we have a young girl, Whitney Kropp from Michigan, who was picked to be apart of the Homecoming Court as a prank.

She talks briefly about when she first heard of it, she thought suicide. She was the brunt of everyone’s joke. But with love and support from her family, she continued on with the Homecoming Court. She has been picked on for her height, how her hair looks, how she dresses.. She was mortified when she was announced, and her fellow classmates pointed and laughed at her. In the end, she said she would prevail, and she did with diplomacy and class.

What bothers me is that there is no mention to what happened to the kids that picked her as a prank. In a month of  “Anti-Bullying Allowed,” I do not see where an reprimand as an example has taken place. I think that it is wonderful the community stepped up and showed her support. In the end, she stayed classy and dignified.  A lesson can be learned from her approach to the prank.

A facebook page was created under her name to support the Anti-Bullying movement; Support Whitney Kropp. Even members from the opposing football team showed up in shirts that supported Whitney. Before the game, a local company even made T-shirts in support of Kropp in her favorite color, orange, adding to the messages of encouragement that Kropp says helped her prevail.  At the end, her words are what makes this story phenomenal, “

“The kids that are bullying you do not let them bring you down. Stand up for what you believe in, and go with your heart and go with your gut. That’s what I did and look at me now. I’m just as happy as can be.”

It’s wonderful to see a community come together like this. But, when the stardust falls and is swept away with the end of October like an Autumn breeze, and snow has crept in covering the ground once again, will the community go back to the hurtful chill it had before the television cameras were there? 

Second, a news anchor out of La Cross, Wisconsin, addresses her weight on air.

“News Anchor Responds to “bully’s” Letter about Weight

This woman is  news anchor, in the eye of the public, out there for everybody to see. She is very aware of her size, how could she not be? I think one of the most inept things fat ignorant people have is their blatant need to point out “You’re fat!” Really, I didn’t know that, I think my mirror is broken. It disgusts me that it’s one of the last open discriminatory actions out there. It’s perfectly o-k  to pick on people about their weight; it’s so o-k there are millions of websites dedicated to it. There are radio deejays that comments on it all the time.

She handled the attack with class, just as the young lady in the news clip above. She talks about the support of her husband, who addressed the letter writer on his facebook page. I think the strongest things she said was, “Do not let your self worth be defined by the bullies.”

Kids are cruel, and our schools are breeding grounds for this cruelty. But to sum it up in one month of  “no bullying” just doesn’t pan out well for me. These kids are aggressive and obnoxious with their hate, bigotry and attacks. There are not enough positive role models out there to keep the message in their face as much as needed. However, just the opposite is true. There are a lot of shock-jock deejays, movies that promote hate, and television shows that promote hate. It’s not all the media’s fault, however, it comes down to adults who influence our children on a daily basis. Where are the parents? Where are the teachers… oh wait, the teachers are only following a “October Anti-Bullying” curriculum. 

They wouldn’t be obnoxious if there weren’t Adam Carollas out there as role models. They wouldn’t be insensitive if there weren’t Tosh.O role models. These individuals help shape our youth, especially in the day and age of the internet and free speech. It comes down to our need to promote this more than just one month out of every year. It takes 66 days to form a habit, both good and bad. According to various psychological websites, it takes It can take about 3-6 months to break a habit. It takes twice as long to break a bad habit as it does to form it. One month of positive “Anti-Bullying” methods is not enough to drill into the stubborn youth of today that bullying and hurting people is not right.

From the moment our kids can walk, talk and understand, is the very moment we need to push positivity. Every Day of their Precious Lives!

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10 thoughts on “Anti-Bullying Month

  1. Fantastic blog, thanks for taking the time to tie in both of these stories. Both cases are inspirational, flying in the face of bigotry and hate with class and dignity.

    I’m pretty sure that the person who messaged the news anchorwoman will try to get his 15 minutes of fame, but it’s encouraging to see the huge amount of support that Jennifer Livingston has gotten.


  2. Well said! I agree 100% it starts early on in the home and until there is more of an effort to change, really change, it’s just going to get worse. Check out I’m Golden, it’s an anti-bully campaign. @imgolden_1 on Insta and Twitter and like it on fb! It is a good page that needs more exposure.


      1. Hmm, it should show up if you search I’m Golden. No website for it yet but hopefully soon. Did you try Instagram and Twitter?


  3. It does need to be put to kids and even adults more than just a month. I love those stories of how those people dealt with it, kudos to them 😀 I experienced horrific bulling myself when I was a child. In the form of mental and physical torture. I come out of that with depression and an eating disorder, I ended up anorexic, with thoughts of ending it all until one day I just thought ‘No, they will win if I did that. Fuck it am gonna be me!’ It took me a long time to keep thinking that and I turned out a happier, more confident person. I still suffer from those days, the eating disorders have not gone away and the depression hasn’t either and now I have gone the complete opposite end of the scale and I’m overweight. Now I experience the other form of ‘acceptable’ bullying of fat-bashing. The worst is not hearing it from kids on the street or on the internet, its hearing it from ADULTS on the street and on the internet! People who should know better! The anti-bullying lesson should be there all the time, not just one month or more and more people will be going through this hell. Thanks for saying this as it does need to be said 😀


    1. Thank you so much Ven for sharing your experiences. Thank you for sharing your sentiments as well! Feel free to poke around and subscribe. I’m not as active as I used to be, but I still post periodically.


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