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What the heck is wrong with kids today? Where the hell are the parents? My hackles are up, hair standing on end, about the total feeling that something needs to be done, but no one is listening. Two major stories hit this week on bullying… AGAIN.

Bullying Story #1  <– link
One woman wrote, on the Facebook Page dedicated to Amanda:

The more and more I uncover about what happened to young Amanda Todd, the more and more I am shocked by the responses of every day people. I don’t know why, because it’s the same responses as to my work with sexual assault survivors over the years. People need to feel safe and think it cannot happen to their children or the children they know by believing this young girl was “troubled” to begin with which makes her the one who caused it to happen. Blaming the victim (and the parents of a minor victim) is a reprehensible and long time occurrence used by those who need to feel safe in this unpredictable world. I am here to tell you that the sexual assault survivors I know are from all ages, all walks and ways of life, because a psychopathic predator doesn’t discriminate. When Amanda’s PREDATOR began PREYING on her she was only 12 years old. She was a CHILD. At 15 she was still only a child. A man convinced her to make a bad decision which people, adults and children alike, make every day, but they don’t have to be concerned that a bad decision STALKS and BULLYS them until they feel like the only escape they have left is taking their own life. The way this predator was able to manipulate others into a gang mentality to help him torment this poor child is despicable. A sociopath/psychopathic predator gets off on the manipulation and he got what he thrived upon. He got what he wanted. He continues to with every nasty, hateful, and ignorant thing that is said, written, assumed, or thought. This was not some troubled girl who committed suicide, this was some girl who was tortured to the point of becoming troubled. This was some girl that a vicious predator wanted to have the power of life and death over. This is a little girl that was murdered slowly by a predator with the help of every day ordinary children. Without walking a mile in this poor young girls shoes….how about carrying her a mile in her shoes…none of us can fully know how this wore her down and tore her apart. People must open their hearts and minds, rather than make assumptions and excuses. Educating yourself on this and other tragic cases like it and taking a stand are the best defense to have the knowledge and power you need to help prevent this from happening to your child or anyone else ever again. As I have said time and time again, “there but for the grace of god, go I…” – Lesley Chase Barton 

Can’t people see what the hell is going on around them? We can keep creating these lovely Facebook pages devoted to those who have died as a direct result of bullying, but in the end how is it really helping? Why couldn’t just ONE fucking person, a peer, stand up for her when it was happening? Why couldn’t one peer, in the group of girls that were doing the video chat, say “Hey, you shouldn’t do that?” Our society is so fucking twisted right now. I’m angry. I am worried for my son and his peers. It pisses me off to no end that the parents have to make a plea to the public to stop the harassment of their daughter, EVEN IN DEATH!!  “…He said Todd’s family is appealing to the public to stop posting offensive photos and comments on a Facebook memorial page dedicated to the teenager.”  What about charges to the individual that was stalking her, blackmailing her and uploading naked pictures of her from when she was 13?  

Bullying Story #2 <— link

Although it isn’t major media, it is important to read about. Why? Because it’s the exact opposite of the previous story. Here we have a decent young woman, doing great things…

My daughter is 13 and though she isnt perfect she is a great kid. She is her class president, she is in theater arts, she sings in the school choir, volunteers at the nursing home on Sundays helping to hand out meals and is well liked by most kids. Considering she is new at her school, all of her teachers give her high marks and she is on the honor roll.
But yet she’s still being bullied! What the fuck is wrong with people? Later one, after answering questions and some days had went by, the mother again writes,
No they werent suspended after the first attack, just had their parents called, obviously that didnt help, it made it worse because they told her today she was getting a beat down for snitching on them in the first place.
Why the fuck aren’t our schools doing anything?  Excuse the F – Bombs. What can we really do? If the schools are not going to help, and parents have to work to make ends meet, and peers aren’t going to watch out for each other…What the heck are we going to do as a society? I have created a section in my links for anti-bullying. I am not too sure what I am going to do with them, or what I am going to do in general. But, there’s an old quote that says, ”

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