Dear Douche’ Bag- Amanda Todd Nude Photos

Dear Douche’ Bag ,

You there, yes you asshole! The one that is finding my blog by using Google to search terms  listed on the image below, smeg off and find a new hobby. There isn’t ANY REASON for you to be looking up nude photos of an underage girl. You’re sick. You’re the very reason things are wrong in our society.

What kind of sick fuck are you to google her nude images? Really?? I bet you’re a pedophile. If I could track you through wordpress, I would turn your ass over to the Feds in a fucking heartbeat. If you’re not a pedo, then you’re one of the harassers, or you’re just a sick fuck.

It would be best if you found a new hobby, other than being a lower than life cretin.

One thought on “Dear Douche’ Bag- Amanda Todd Nude Photos

  1. Some asshole decided to leave a comment about how he likes to jackoff to pictures of dead girls.

    Since I can edit comments on my page, I have chosen to do so.

    Feel free, however, to email him. He was kind enough to leave his with some comment about “I dare you..” menlymenaremen@yahoo.com

    Please, Have Fun~!


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