My best friend right now is my pug. She’s been with me through thick and thin. She’s completely deaf, partially blind, but that does not stop her persistence. She’s persistent that she will wake another day. She is persistent that she will eat as many meals as her chunky butt will allow her to. She’s persistent that I will wake every day. She’s pushy when she wants on my lap. She’s even pushier when she wants some love.

I have called her names like, “Get the F* out of my kitchen you fat tub of pug.” (Which I secretly think she’s trying to kill me, but don’t let her know I told you.) I’ve blogged about her before, and her plotting attempts: Obey Me Now

She is my best friend. Even though I left my ex, and had to leave her behind until I found a place that I could take her with me. And Even though I moved her across the state to a dust filled, dry, hot area… She is my best friend. 

I have watched her go from youth to gray faced. I have watched her health struggle. I have snuggled her unconditionally.

This is my Izzabella Pugalini.


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