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Brave Princess Makeover

“Young girls looking for a positive role model in Pixar’s animated adventure “Brave” will soon find a much slimmer, prettier version…. She has gone under the Disney knife and has been given a skinnier waist, higher cheekbones and a liberal supply of hair conditioner, making her more Barbie than Artemis.” 

Young girls do not need to witness a make over on a character that was beautiful, strong, and great to begin with. Young girls especially do not need Disney and “Barbie” telling them that their Brave role model is now “Slimmer and prettier.” The only message  young girls will get is:

A. You need to be THIN to be pretty.
B. You need to be sexy as a pre-teen.
C. Even the wording, “Under the knife…” tells young girls that plastic surgery is the way to go. Ugh.

What the heck is wrong with companies in America? Why are we continually telling our young girls that they will NEVER be good enough unless they follow a preset standard by Hollywood, Companies and Media? We do not need strong willed heroines with skinnier waists, bigger boobs and higher cheekbones. 

Merida was beautiful to begin with, even with her frizzy unruly hair. All her attributes and idiosyncrasies are what made her HER. Why do companies have to butcher everything; from Disney to Abercrombie and Fitch. The news revolving around the “No Big Girls Club” is getting really old. 

Can’t these companies just promote self acceptance and self love?

Dove Video Here:


Dove got the right idea. It is amazing how we see ourselves versus how others see us. It is really hard to maintain a positive self image when you have companies like Disney, a CHILDHOOD ICONIC COMPANY, telling us that we need thinner waists, higher cheekbones and expensive conditioner.

Disney should be telling young girls that you’re perfect, just the way you are. We’re all unique. We’re all different. Some are smarter, some are blonder, some are thinner, etc. They have the opportunity ahead of them to promote self acceptance and body acceptance. They are paving the way for future eating disorders, bullying, and self hate.

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