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Fat Rant Incoming….

Because Blogging isn’t going to make “change” I emailed the corporate office:

Thank you for your email. You should receive a response within 24 hours.

This is where I kindly call you out on your lies and discrimination.

I have some cute dresses purchased at Maurices. I am a size 26/28. I am learning to be proud of my body. I am learning to embrace my curves and learning it is ok to buy cute clothes in MY SIZE. I was very proud to find Maurices’ and the ability to buy some cute dresses through them. I was even more so excited to see their body positive messages on their website.

Example A: Taken directly from their website.  “Find your size, Find yourself.” That’s what I’m doing, Maurices, that’s what I’m doing.

So, imagine my surprise when I went to my nearest Maurices and this on their window:

lies all lies

Sizes 1-24
“inspired by the girl in everyone, in every size.”

I went in and asked the sales lady, “If I am reading the sign on your window correctly, you do NOT carry any item above a size 24?” She just looked at me like a doe in headlights and said, “Well, ya.”

“Well… ya.” For a company that pushes “Body Positive Messages” Please… PLEASE explain to me why your LOCAL STORES proudly advertise that they cater to “the girl in everyone, in every size” but stop at size 24? If you carry items on your website up to 4x / 26/28, why are your stores not carrying them too?

It takes me an hour to drive to my local store. I want the same experience as “every girl, in every size!” I want to go in, try clothes on, see how they fit, line, lay, and sway. I want to spend a day “shopping.” I want that experience! Your site made me so proud to wear your clothes. My shopping experience, or lack there of, really has deterred me. I am tired of hiding inside and shopping online alone. I want to be able to see the clothing I want. I want to see how my body looks in certain items. I am short, 5’3″ with a big ass and belly. NOT ALL items will look good on me. I want the over heated dressing rooms that are smaller than a summer camp shower stalls. I want to kick my shoes off and adorn pretty things.

If you advertise on your website that you PROUDLY are for body positive and carry 26/28  4x clothing…YOUR STORES should follow suit.

Store I went to. If you’re a local gal, in a larger size, call them and demand that they carry the FULL line of clothing the advertise on their site:
THE DALLES #391 (SIZES 0-24)
Tel: (541) 2985301

2 thoughts on “Fat Rant Incoming….

  1. I am so sorry that you had to experience that. And know that even though I will not be in that area, I will call and let them know that I feel the same. I hope that will change things, keep your chin up hot stuff!


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