Fat Rant Update.

Not only did I post a blog about the incident at Maurices’, but I emailed the company as well. After about a week or so of nothing, I finally got a follow up email. I am actually rather impressed with what was written to me:

Hi Regan,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us at maurices. I wanted to let you know I have read your email multiple times and have taken some time to decide what I wanted to write back.

maurices is still very new to the plus customer. We are still finding out who she is and what she is looking for. Several years ago we carried a mens clothing line which didn’t sell as well as we had hoped. We transitioned out of mens and started focusing on bringing in a larger selection of clothing for women including plus.

At this time we have started adding in more sizing options in both our core and plus size departments to the website. This allows us to see what sizes and styles are in demand that we can try to incorporate into the store environment as well. Our stores have a limited amount of space and we would love to carry more items in every department. We have even considered adding plus into its own store, which we still could do. We are not intentionally looking to make any customer feel left out of the maurices shopping experience and we have started to add some size 4s into stores.

Please know that we truly appreciate your feedback and that I am passing it to the other teams that need to hear it. Though this isn’t an immediate fix to the situation, but have you thought of shipping items to the store? Once your package arrives, you can try on the items in store and still get help from our amazing associates. Also I encourage you to try on some of the styles that we do carry in store. Even though the sizes only go up to 24 every style fits a little different. For example, Hydraulic jeans fit big, so a 24 may fit more like a 26.

Ragen, I hope that we are able to incorporate a wider selection of plus in the near future to all of our stores. I truly appreciate that you have been a loyal customer and that you have taken the time to express your frustrations. If you are willing, I would like to get your mailing address, so I can send you a gift towards a future purchase with us.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


KJ (edited for obvious purposes)

Customer Service
105 W. Superior St.
Duluth, MN 55802

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