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Earthen Girl Embodiment

I wanted to share this. We had to do a collage in our D.V. group. The first collage represents what we think we are on the outside. How people “see” us. The second collage is “who we are” on the inside and what we want to embody.

1st Collage:
Once upon a time, there was a broken and bloodied girl who confused sex and love. She feels she is constantly trying to defend herself and her right to be breathing on this planet. Through her struggles she found she was going through a lot of ups and downs. She thinks people see her as a real life slumdog.

Internal Collage 2

2nd Collage:
What I love about me: There is this woman who is a hippy, earthen girl who is rather geeky with glasses. She’s a big girl, in a skinny world. But she says “fuck it” and eats her cupcakes anyways. She reads a lot of books and agrees a lot with Gandhi’s teachings. Her name starts with an R and she collects stars. Overall, she is learning that smart is beautiful.

Internal Collage

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