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Sweet Twitch

Yep. Pretty much all of this.

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True story. I’m crushin’ just a wee bit. It terrifies me just a wee bit more than wee bit.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Twitch”

  1. Giggling … you ROCK for sharing even a few little words in the blogosphere about what appears to be the beginnings of something (don’t sweat, don’ t panic) really good. Brings back memories and almost makes me feel like I’m back in my own romantic adventure all over again. If nothing else, your posts brought a smile to a very weary and stressed out, frazzled mess of humanity over here in “Brigadoon” Idaho. Cheers!

  2. This was the very start, very beginning of being “official” with my love. I came out of a really abusive relationship in January. I never thought feeling like this was even possible after such events. Am I still afraid, somewhat, but not nearly as I was.

    If you read back some, you can read my story coming out of that relationship. This whole blog was started years ago when I was super depression. The goal was to find something daily to be thankfully filled with gratitude over; even it it only came to, “I”m thankful I showered today.” It truly helped me out of my depression.

    Thank you for being a reader. I’ve come to really enjoy your blog as well. I’m glad I stumbled upon your business card.

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