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Distance is an evil b**ch.

too far.

I’m totally hating this right now; the distance between you and I. This is only the physical distance (At least this is the chant I tell myself morning, noon and night.)  I think the further we are from one another, the more my want of you grows wider. I think this the fates are cruel, but patience was never my strongest attribute. I know in my bones this is the lesson I’m learning with you. 

I will tell you one major thing, Mr. Betty, the distance is horrible to bare with, but the electricity when we come back together is … well … shocking (see what I did there?)



One thought on “Distance is an evil b**ch.

  1. I can empathize! I took a position in a tiny hilltop community in Idaho exactly one year and 151 days ago (yes, I’m counting) and my spouse and home are 439 miles away in the Puget Sound area of Washington state. The plan was to give it a year of back and forth travel to stay connected and lots of facetime chats with our iphones (a feat almost impossible sometimes, since internet isn’t what it should be in this rural area no thanks to corporations like Frontier who don’t keep promises to small town communities). Bitter? Just a little. Plans change – and we decided our home and community in Washington was too good to let go. So I have 214 days before I can hang up my career of (by then) 18 years and go home to be a full time writer bum. Sounds exciting – chasing the dream and all. But really I have to question myself every day about what the heck I am doing living and working so far away from my wife.

    P.S. Thanks for putting that ridiculous song by “Cake” in my head with that last graphic. … She’s going the distance … She going for speed … 🙂


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