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I am Regan. Born and raised in the Pacific North”wet”.  I was born in 1976, to a hippie mother. I went to a two room school where I learned about canning foods, churning butter and leather working. I am far from knowing everything but I have traveled enough in this life to know what needs to be changed. This goes both personally and globally. 

I am a mother of a teenage boy and there are days I get far too frustrated with being a parent. Because I too came from a parent who was far too frustrated to be one. My goal with my son is to change that. I desire to change the patterns and predisposition in our lives. He deserved to have the world at his fingertips, the courage to preserver, and a parent who encourages him through unconditional love. I work on this every day of my life.

I am a human, and I make mistakes…. often at that. I’ve been known to speak my mind, and that gets me in trouble somewhat. My intention is never to hurt another, and I don’t see it until after the fact. I have felt the repercussions of such mistakes.

I am here to make amends, but I need to start within myself. I want to try to change my view of the world with one thought of thanks at a time. I believe when we have more gratitude towards others, we begin to feel more thankful for ourselves.

Opinionated. Dry Humored. Sarcastic. Steadfast. Taurus. Intelligent. Spiritual. Psychic Medium. Eclectic. Hippy. Punk. Emotional. Empathetic. Compassionate. Tattooed. Mouthy. Loving. Passionate. Compelled to stand up for myself. I will hold my opinion to my heart, and wear my heart on my sleeve. Leary.Debater. Photographer. Paranormal Believer. Writer. Dreamer. Living. Loving. Breathing.(human) Being.

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  1. Thanks for the comment.

    Mistakes are the best. If it weren’t for mistakes, we’d be rocks and really, who would want to be a rock?


  2. Hello!!! I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! So much so I have given you an award that was passed to me…its called One Lovely Blog award! Please read my blog to see the details…
    Once you read about it, you can then pass it on to 15 of your favorite blogs!


  3. I love the idea behind your blog, one thought of thanks at a time, and your blog title is perfect. It’s so important to be thankful (I don’t mean in a religious sense, just in a happy to be alive, and lucky sense) and I find so many people don’t realise how lucky they are, obviously everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes I’m grateful for mistakes, because then I can learn and grow and move forward.
    I wish you a wonderful week!


  4. To Regan

    I loved your inspiring writings …loved them ….
    thank u very much for enlightening us with such words…

    A very huge thumbs up and hats down for all the mums around the world.

    Take care have a nice day
    Thank u very much for liking mine as well


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