. Bucket List .


In each on of us is a list we start, usually when we’re in our late teens looking down the fine edge of graduation and adulthood. My list was always simple in the beginning. As I grew older, life took it’s toll, my list changed, morphed and grew. Here is my list I’d like to accomplish before I die.

.. Write and publish a book

.. Learn Belly Dancing

.. Master the art of Yoga

.. Participate in a roller derby team

.. Take a sabbatical and drive to my gramps house using the map he hand wrote for me

.. Go totally blond

.. Learn to ride horseback

..  Go to India

..  Study with a Buddhist Monk

.. Learn to cook

.. Master the art of Photography

.. Get a college degree

.. Sky Dive

.. Take a hot air balloon ride

.. Road trip across the states

.. Take a trip to the Mediterranean


7 thoughts on “. Bucket List .

  1. If you would like to keep up with how a bucket feels about Bucket Lists (and probably a lot of other things) check out justiceforbuckets.wordpress.com !
    You had to know that the idea of sad buckets would bother me.


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