. Bucket List .



In each on of us is a list we start, usually when we’re in our late teens looking down the fine edge of graduation and adulthood. My list was always simple in the beginning. As I grew older, life took it’s toll, my list changed, morphed and grew. Here is my list I’d like to accomplish before I die.


.. Finish my book and get it published

.. Learn Belly Dancing

.. Take a sabbatical and drive to my gramps house using the map he hand wrote for me

.. Go totally blond

.. Master the art of Photography

.. Get a college degree

.. Take a hot air balloon ride

.. Road trip across the states

.. Visit Greece


7 thoughts on “. Bucket List .

  1. Hhahah!! I totally love how your mind works. I love Roller Derby, I think it would be a good way to spend aggression points, and follow up with yoga to bring me back to my self.


  2. If you would like to keep up with how a bucket feels about Bucket Lists (and probably a lot of other things) check out justiceforbuckets.wordpress.com !
    You had to know that the idea of sad buckets would bother me.


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