. Authentically Me .

All of these remain the same. But one radical change that I have become very passionate about…

I am fully, completely content with my life. 

… spring’s misty rain after a long period of no rain.
… capturing the perfect moment with my camera
… the smell of the wet cement after the rain has hit.
… the cool underside of my cotton pillow on a hot sticky summer’s night.
… when my son gets corny and starts cracking dry humored jokes.
… my son and all the love, joy and family he brings to my life.
… funky, rhinestone, vintage glasses.
… being unabashingly me.
… when my fat pugs cuddles me after a long day at work.
… feeling accomplished.
… counting my blessings.
… stepping back and reflecting on just how great my life is
… knowing the my life will become more, if I work at it harder.
… hot cocoa with a little Baileys Irish cream on a cold winter’s night.
… the crisp cool mornings in Autumn, where the ground crunches from the frost.
… a fire in a wood stove; and the fresh wood smell that surrounds the neighborhood.
… when the leaves turn majestic colors.
… advocating – mental health, domestic violence, LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter.
… whooping ass in cribbage.
… music: 20s-40s, soul, indie, strong female singers, and so much more.
… Orange California Poppies.
… a bunch of wild flowers sitting on my dining room table.
… the look on my son’s face when he has a stark realization
… moments of quiet and solitude
… curling up with a good book and realizing hours have passed

4 thoughts on “. Authentically Me .

  1. love this too! i’d like to add a positive page like this to my blog! not sure if i know how…but will look into it! i have started a gratitude basket here at home for the next thirty days we are all putting in a card of what we are grateful for! i love getting all these wonderful ideas! i’m not real creative…other than writing…so i luv gettin cool ideas from all u artsy types! lol…thank you for sharing all your writings, such a great talent! i’m so glad i get to read it! thanks! xo


  2. LOL! It’s not artsy, it’s just putting out there how much I love certain things in my life. A list is easy to do, you can do it! I look upon my list on days I am overly frustrated, overly angry, etc. It puts life back into perspective. I appreciate all your comments, they make my day spicyt 😀

    Thank you for following me


  3. Thanks for being the first I’ve discovered following my blog from my “covert card” fun! I like the positive energy at your site 🙂 I envy your “shelf life” gig too. Have fun – write on.


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