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Im Thankful For


Our site, I’m Thankful For, has been redesigned and launched. For those of you who remember, and used, the previous site thank you for the encouragement to push forward more. We decided that in 2011, we wanted a make over. You can now like individual gratitude streams, or repost on twitter!


In short, I’m Thankful For is a social gratitude stream. It that allows you share what you’re thankful for easily with your friends, family and even your fans :). There are no user accounts or passwords to remember, just visit, and post what makes you happy but remember to keep it clean (think PG).


Please link this, use this, push this, help us spread gratitude one drop in the stream at a time. Help us make this a flowing river of thanks.


:: I totally love this ::  Thank you Stephen for doing this with me. Thank you for being intune with my vision, and putting it into fruition.

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