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Parking Fairy

© American Ninja X – DeviantArt

Those who know me, who have ridden with me, know that I thank my parking fairy every time we pull into a parking lot. See, I was blessed with this fairy when I received my driver’s license. I have this ability to find the best parking in the worst scenarios. When you’re in my car with me, I usually require you to first put on your seat belt and second thank the fae who guides the way.

Saturday I got a speeding ticket in the tune of 247.00. Ouchie. :: hangs head ::grrrerrrr

I think I’m being harshly punished since then. I have hit every red light possible, as if steadily reminding me, “Hey toots with the lead foot.. slow down.”

I pull into the store… and drive in circles. All parking spaces taken up.  Double Growl.
I pull into the library to drop off books, again with the no parking spaces. WTF. I concede. You won.

How does one pay amends to a parking fae? I promise, the ticket will be paid.     >.<

5 thoughts on “Parking Fairy

  1. LOL It’s like some sort of *driving karma* or something. LOL (I really loved the pic of the cat on the bottom with the tiny present to convey your message. Too cute!) I love you so much, Regan! xoxo


  2. So….you are the female George Costanza of parking spots huh? George always prided himself on finding the best spots…. 🙂


    1. I definitely am! I have a great ability. Packed parking two days before Christmas, and I still manage to get a seat nearest the front. I just rock that hard…..


      ‘cept when I get speeding tickets.


  3. Loved this story! I have zero luck with driving and parking…always hafta park in the boonies…I need to apply for a handicapped placard! My fave is that pic of the cat with the inadequate gift! Perfect!


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