Been a while..

Update Time

It definitely has been a while since I have written an update. It has also been a while since I have written really anything regarding my life and thoughts. Well, except for my other blog when I have been incredibly active on: 

Haunted Book Case

I am still living in the center of Hell, i.e. Goldendale, WA. Proof that I live in Hell: Book Burning to Get Right with “GOD”
Before you ask, yes, this is really happening folks. It’s sad, really. That she feels burning books will somehow, magically, make God appear and teach people the right and wrongs of life. What she is failing to understand is that it is up to an individual to make decisions on what books to read. GOD, her God for that matter,  gave us FREE WILL…it’s how we use that free will that determines our outcome. But, I do not want to take my blog into an overly religious discussion. I am merely pointing out how back woods and inept this town is. Good Ole Boys and Book Burnings!!!  Next we’re torching Pagans and taking women’s rights away.

With that said, we’re doing all we can to move the hell out of this area. It’s truly a black hole. We are looking to go back to the Olympia/Tumwater/Lacey area of Washington. There are more jobs, closer to friends, and… face it… a more up-to-date way of thinking.

I have almost been at my current job for a year, that’s saying a lot. I’ave had so many lay offs, company closures and temp. jobs it is nice to be at a secure job. That’s one of the only positives in this area.  Mister’s job closed. The restaurant he worked in couldn’t stay in business and had to shut their doors. He was there for just over a year. It was really sad to see them close. They were loved in this community. It is such a poor community, however, not enough people ventured out to eat out. They had fabulous food, great ambiance… just… not enough people eating out. This truly is dead town. 

That’s a small update for you. 

As for stopping the ride, I want off…. Just like with anything in my life… I picked myself up by my boot straps, and continued trudging on.  That’s what I do. I keep going. I might have moments where I cannot see the light…It eventually breaks through my weakened spots and shines again. Here’s a song to end the blog with:

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