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It just turns ugly..

I have found myself finding it hard to support a friend who is living with us, and maintaining my sanity. I get so frustrated, and through frustration I find it hard to remain tight lipped about what I think “should” happen.

I have no patience for someone who cannot help themselves. It’s apparent that you have mental issues, it’s apparent that you have no feeling of self worth, but I’ll be damned if I allow you to bring the rest of the mood in the house down as well.

I am uncomfortable. We have given them until the end of this month, but, I want them out now. He’s turning vile and volatile. She’s moody, and obsessed with him. No matter how much she denies it, she truly is. I mean, I can understand to a point. But how many times does a person need to be kicked down and disregarded by another person before they learn to turn their emotions off towards them?

The energy in our house has become so…. ugly. The thing I hate the most is feeling pushed out of my own house. This is OUR house. If I ask you to leave, to make space, then do it dammit. No way in hell should I feel pushed out, and seeking refuge in my bedroom.

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