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Life Wheel – Spirituality


So there I was, left with the intellectual knowledge of Christ, Christianity and various other religions. How easy it is that I forget to acknowledge the emotional knowledge of faith, spirituality, love, compassion…etc. I really relate to the quote on yesterday’s post, “Religion is for those who fear Hell / Spirituality is for those who have been there already.”

I have written a couple testimonial posts of my encounters with Christ, his intervention in my life, and angels he’s brought forth into my path of light. Isn’t it amazing how incredibly lost we all can be, even though angels are standing right in front of us on a daily basis? My 5 year plan and goals in regards to spirituality are:

  • I will focus on my heart chakra and the feelings of spirituality.
  • I will continue to practice the mantra given to me by my counselor.
  • I will continue to surround myself with others who are positive in light and life.
  • I will continue to pray and meditate.

I will focus on my heart chakra and learn to “feel” faith within me. I will learn to recognize the warmth from the light of Christ around me. My counselor gave me a mantra to focus on, daily and nightly. “May the white light of Christ surround me. Protect me from all negative emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energies.” As a highly intuitive person, my emotions are on the surface. Not only does this mantra help ground me, but help connect me to my faith.

A lot of who we are is who we have in our inner circle. Breaking away from discontent, discord and inharmonious ways also means to break away from those who still fall prey to it. I need more positivity and light in my life. I have worked hard over the last few years to do this, and I just need to remind myself to continue to do so.

When I meditate, it usually takes place in the shower (.. idiot.. please keep the comments ‘g’ rated). While I am showering, I envision the hot water flowing over me washing all the negativity away, and when I breathe in the warm steam, I’m breathing in new life, new days, newness. I envision that water going down the drain the negativity of the day flowing away. When I pray, I pray to God. I ask him to guide me, to enable me for better, to fill me with the newness I’m meditating on. I will continue to do this until it becomes habit.

All it all it’s about balance. Balancing your believes, and staying true to yourself. I will stay true to “me.” I will not allow others to dictate my beliefs, spirituality, or self. I have to learn to connect fully with my spiritual side, and that is by letting go and letting faith guide me. It’s great to be knowledgeably, but it’s even more powerful to have that intellect backed up with actual passion.

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