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I am praying for the job I want. I put faith in you, and your guidance. I will follow where you want me to go. But please, guide me to a sturdy and steady position.

This job I am at now doesn’t leave me feeling safe financially. It doesn’t allow me to feel appreciated. When our checks bounce, or we’re not paid, please guide me away. Help provide for my family by leading me to a position with stability.

I know that there are lessons in this to learn. I know that patience is one of them. But, I’m panicking, and getting burned out.

3 thoughts on “Knees

  1. Do not panic. I am believing that your prayer has been heard and will be answered. Some company will shortly come to see how valuable you will be to them. Maybe a job where you could help others with their self-image and knowing the true value of their lives.


  2. Why not start an online business you could work on at home, when not at your job? You could do baby photo albums on cd/dvd and with your gift for graphics they would be beautiful !


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