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Carry Your Heart: Deux


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Hand on her chest, rubbing her fingers over her scar. Once bright red has now faded to a darker pinkish flesh tone. Her fingertips pick up every ridge and flaw the scar has made; as if each ridge represented a year of waiting for the heart. She smiled, glowed, as she slipped into her inner sanctuary of hope.

Olivia? You still with me?” her best friend said leaning forward towards her.

Huh.. Yes, yes.. I am listening.” Olivia replied with her eyes still closed.

You know, if you keep rubbing that scar, you’re going to rub it raw.” upper lip curled, snarky grin, Jo continued, “But seriously, I am so happy you’re even here with me.”

Olivia took a huge bite of the kosher dill sitting that adorned the sandwich on her plate. “Oh my god, this tastes so divine!” Jo’s mouth dropped.
“Olive, hun.. that’s a pickle. You can’t stand pickles. You can’t even stand the smell of pickles.”

I don’t know Jo, since getting this new heart…. I .. just seem to have a new .. lust .. for life.” grinning her reply as she popped the last of the pickle into her mouth. “I can’t believe how awesome these are..” she said with her mouth full. Jo just shook her head.

So, what other kinds of “zest for life” things are you noticing?” Jo verbally pondered.

Too many things, but for one, my taste buds are totally changed. How can that possibly be?”Olivia answered, Jo shrugged nonchalantly in return.

But the biggest thing that is getting to me, are my dreams.” Olive, with a mouthful of sandwich.

You know,” sarcastically poking fun at Olive, “another thing that has changed… is the fact you talk more with food in your mouth..” raising one eyebrow to drive home her point.

With one hand waiving her friend off, and the other snagging the pickle off her plate, she proceeds with what she was saying. “I keep dreaming the same Dream, Jo. The. Very. Same. Dream.” and again with with a mouthful of food.

You mean the one where you’re soooo in love, sitting on a bench by Lake Washington, and some hubba hubba is swooning you?” teasingly in reply.

Yes, Josephine, that very same one. It’s so real. I can smell him, I can see him.” subconsciously her hand went to her scar again, rubbing back and forth. She went back into her dream, just as if she was sleeping, bringing him to the forefront of her mind.

He had rich dark chocolate colored hair, that flopped with curls around his crown. The wind coming off the lake whispered through the strands causing it to sway in cadence. She looked into his eyes, such a light blue mystery. A curl from his forehead caught the wind and blew into his eyes. His mouth was full and soft looking, a kissable calling. He was holding her hand, she took in the feel of his skin. He had soft, skilled fingers; like a pianist or computer geek. He noticed her checking their hands entwined, and gave her a gentle squeeze.
“Don’t take too long, Rebekah. Answer me quick, or you might lose me. . . Marry Me.” The sound of his voice jolted her back to the bistro and her best friend.

“Whomever he is, bff, he’s got you totally smitten.” Jo grinned, taking her fingers and making a heart shape. “S.m.i.t.t.e.n.”

Pfffft. Whatev. I think it’s just because my whole life has been so focused on getting a new heart. Frivolous things like love, relationships, and romance were never apart of that equation.” she dismissed her friend’s teasing behavior.
Olive and mystery man sitting in a tree….” Jo said, still being cantakerous.

No, Ms. Thang. It’s “Olive and mystery man sitting on a bench..” Olive gave in and grinned back.

5 thoughts on “Carry Your Heart: Deux

    1. Funny!! Too funny, EeDeeOat. I read yours, laughing all the way through it, and totally yearn to write like you do!

      thank you, my dear new friend. your compliment means a lot.


    1. Yay!! I actually thought of more to go with it, after finishing this weeks entry. I have a pleasant surprise, I think… If I can figure out how to merge it into the story.


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