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Thank you!

If you are here, and you’re reading this, you are awesome.

I just want to thank those that come to this blog and read on a regular basis. It makes me happy to know that others are getting something out of my ramblings. So today’s blog is dedicated to those who support, read, and encourage things that come out of my noggen.

It’s friends like you that keep me going. It’s the support from you that encourages me to continue my thought processes. It’s also you that helps me work through some of my issues, problems and insecurities. So again, thank you. It’s with this positivity that’s helped me keep this blog the longest out of all the ones I have started in the past.

As I venture into the new year, and refocus on “me”, categories may stay the same but focus may be a little different. As I move further into my counseling, and working through my insecurities, I may begin to refocus some more. But, since you’re so awesome, I hope that you’ll continue to follow me through my adventures.

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